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MIBC is a colorless, stable, slightly fragrant aliphatic alcohol. It reacts with strong oxidants. The most used frother in froth flotation forming brittle foam. Since it is a neutral frother, it works in both acidic and alkaline process. It is particularly suitable for use in high-volume plants. Prolog supplies full range of flotation frothers such as alcohol, glycols, glycol ethers and various formulations which is well optimized with maximum frother performance. Our mining frothers are suitable for mineral processing of all kinds of minerals and applications.

Flotation Frothers
Replacement for MIBC
Prolog Supply & Services (PS&S) has been operational for more than a decade, initially supporting Central Asia’s mining industry. In recent years, Prolog has grown and now successfully completes projects in a number of countries and industries. We enjoy ongoing business with clients on a global scale, most specifically in Africa, Central Asia, and Europe.
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