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In most mineral processes where there is a tailing treatment requirement then a high molecular weight product is desired. Our range of flocculants and coagulants are used extensively in water treatment plants with either sedimentation or centrifugation applications.

Anionic, Cationic and Non-ionic Polyacrylamides
Industries including Oil production and drilling, Mineral Processing, Paper making, Wastewater treatment, Potable water treatment and the Agricultural industry . The f locculants and coagulants we supply have a br oad applicability and available in a wide variety of product forms . Flocculation of either concentrate or tailings have a great effect to promote rapid solid/liquid separation and improves the rheology of settled solids
We offer a range of both solid and liquid PolyDADMAC type coagulants used in many industrial applications. Suitable for mineral processing applications where a high level of fines are present, often followed by the addition of a high molecular weight flocculant
Sodium Polyacrylates
Our new functional polymer is water soluble with strong thickening and water retention function to control the flow of matter. The high purity, stable performance, strong thermal stability, hardly decompose over 200 degrees, lack of having an odour or taste and not deteriorating for a long time makes it a special product.
Prolog Supply & Services (PS&S) has been operational for more than a decade, initially supporting Central Asia’s mining industry. In recent years, Prolog has grown and now successfully completes projects in a number of countries and industries. We enjoy ongoing business with clients on a global scale, most specifically in Africa, Central Asia, and Europe.
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