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Our aim is to coordinate activities between mining companies in Africa, Central Asia and CIS regions and sources of supply and services providers in key mining supply countries worldwide.

We do this in two ways:
Firstly, a complete ongoing buying service for some or all overseas requirements, including some or all of:
• Sourcing
• Tendering
• Bid evaluations
• PO processing
• Expediting and tracking, including coordination of inspections if required
• Logistics coordination
• Payment coordination/processing

Secondly, ad hoc procurement services including all of the above and additionally by exception physical supply of requirements where vendors are unwilling or unable to accommodate international orders.

International Procurement and Logistics

International procurement is bureaucratic, time-consuming, and fraught with frustrations:
• It is often difficult for your specialists to know the best sources of supply for your requirements.
• Communicating internationally is always difficult because of time and language difficulties.
• Misunderstandings may occur because of lack of regional knowledge.
• Vendors often fail to respond to RFQs, chase up requests, requests for information and expediting requests.
• Vendors also often fail to respond to specific logistics requirements including packing and marking, inspections, timely collections and deliveries, documentation requirements and freight-forwarding instructions.
Prolog’s experience in your region and with a wealth of international supply knowledge is well placed to ensure that such problems are avoided.

Our solutions
Prolog’s service is tailored to your way of doing business:
Level 1 Service: A complete remote or site-located secure Procurement and Logistics Department in your Company’s name
Prolog conducts and manages all of your procurement and logistics, either in person or remotely. Your company’s systems and procedures are employed, and POs are issued in your name.
Level 2 Service: A complete remote secure outsourced Procurement and Logistics Service in Prolog’s name
Prolog conducts and manages your dedicated procurement and logistics from its UK office as if it’s your department. You send your demand requirements and Prolog does the rest.
Level 3 Service: Overseas support for your Procurement team
The aim of this service is for your Procurement Specialists in your in-house Procurement Department to work fully on all aspects of procurement and logistics, employing the support of Prolog’s expertise.

Your in-house procurement specialists handle normal procurement activities: sourcing, tendering, bid evaluations, PO preparation and payment processing. Prolog handles vendor and logistics coordination, including:
• Expediting bids/offers
• Coordinating resolution of commercial and technical queries
• Po processing, including:
    o Confirmation of PO receipt,
    o Compliance with T&Cs,
    o Expediting of order confirmations
• Expediting deliveries
• Coordinating inspections, whenever required
• Coordinating logistics
• Status reporting

Your company has strict governance with avoidance of unethical behaviour a key requirement. Prolog ensures this for your company with clear, transparent, and auditable procedures and transactions. Full monthly reporting is a key feature, allowing you to set and monitor KPIs.
Prolog Supply & Services (PS&S) has been operational for more than a decade, initially supporting Central Asia’s mining industry. In recent years, Prolog has grown and now successfully completes projects in a number of countries and industries. We enjoy ongoing business with clients on a global scale, most specifically in Africa, Central Asia, and Europe.
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