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Our services range from metallurgical and mineral processing testing to onsite support and troubleshooting to product development and market evaluations. We aim to increase mineral recoveries and reduce overall process costs through targeting the optimal process design and operation.

We offer tailor made services specific to your mineral processing in all kinds of mineral processing types. Our high performing products and services are proven to fix all mine related problems. The applications we deliver are concentrated on various ores and we can solve your problems with our industry experience over 3 decades. We are a trusted partner when it comes to Feasibility Studies for Mineral Processing and on-site technical support with optimization services.
Prolog Supply & Services (PS&S) has been operational for more than a decade, initially supporting Central Asia’s mining industry. In recent years, Prolog has grown and now successfully completes projects in a number of countries and industries. We enjoy ongoing business with clients on a global scale, most specifically in Africa, Central Asia, and Europe.
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